Art Director, Illustrator, & 3D/VR Designer

Hold on to Genius - Smartmarker Marketing Video

Creative Direction, Video Editing

Hold on to Genius - eBeam Smartmarker

This is a marketing video that we created for the eBeam Smartmarker at Luidia. This was going to be used for a YouTube ad, so our challenge was in overcoming the short attention span people have when watching advertisements. We wanted to create an attractive, and also captivating subject that hooked the audience and also communicated the benefits of the Smartmarker product.

The idea is that whiteboard writing is meant to be temporary, but often there’s value to the writing and you don’t want to lose it. In this story line, a genius-type of professor comes up with a brilliant idea, then someone erases it and it’s a disaster. That’s one problem our product can prevent.

I had the opportunity to play a whole new role in the production of this project, serving as creative director on the client side and working closely with the contracted team that did video production. I also handled some of the final editing, motion graphics and title work using After Effects and Photoshop.