Art Director, Illustrator, & 3D/VR Designer

VidiVR - A mobile VR media sharing platform

3D, Animation, Motion Graphics, UI

Stereoscopic Splash Screen

Vidi is a mobile VR stereoscopic video sharing platform.

As a contract designer, I was responsible for designing and developing interfaces, 3D icons, and a splash scene for Vidi's mobile VR application. We used Viro Media, a React Native platform, for a development. I coded in the initial positioning of the UI elements, hover animations, and transition effects.

Look branded skybox

Look branded skybox

Explore a Vidi Look branded Skybox in Sketchfab.

I created a few 3D skyboxes as background options for their application with the app name branded in the stars.

UI Simulation and Animation Exploration

Visualizing animations in After Effects was an important step for efficient design and development.

UI Icon Exploration

UI Icon Exploration

Playing with the visual nature of the product and application to create the in-app VR interface.